How some businesses upped their social media game during COVID-19!

Selling became about helping, shouldn’t it have always been that way?

I mean, your product or your service will only be a hit if you are trying to solve a problem, yeah, time to introspect dear business owners!

I do not even want to get started on how terribly businesses have been impacted due to the pandemic, my dad who owns a wholesale uniform clothing business across India keeps telling me how it will take them years to recover from this loss. I told him to start an Instagram page in the meanwhile and let Millenials know that something like this exists. If you are not digital yet, now is the time!

What is worse is stores that pay hefty rent?

Anyway, let’s try to find a silver lining in this situation and take inspiration from some brands who have gone out of their way to help during COVID-19? 

For instance, Zomato and Swiggy kicked off grocery delivery services. But these can still physically deliver and have the workforce to do so. But what about businesses that sell a skill or movie tickets or coaching? What creative methods can they opt to stay relevant?

Well, there is SOCIAL MEDIA, and that world has just gotten bigger!

I came across — It launched a #MovementForMovement campaign where the user has to accept the challenge and work out for 12 days. For every challenge, a contribution of Rs 100 was made to PM CARES Fund to help COVID-19 relief efforts.

Then there is — It sends these emails about must-watch movies and makes life easier. The movie industry will take a while to go back to normal even after the lockdown is over, so BMS, please keep compiling meaningful data and sending us newsletters so we can stay connected?

Myntra, FirstCry and Nykaa are using informational content, gaming, and entertainment on their apps to connect with customers. As consumers may cut discretionary spending, brand differentiation becomes key.

Some brands came up with catchy taglines to promote #StayAtHome #SocialDistancing

My favorite ones would be

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It is completely fine if you cannot offer more, spreading awareness and staying socially, morally, and ethically responsible are great ways too because when things go back to normal, people will remember the brand was active and was driving the right message.

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Brands like Nike involved footballers in influencing and are continuing to make sport a daily habit even at home by launching a series of digital training that offers users the chance to compete against Nike professional athletes through weekly fitness challenges.

Totally love Cristiano Ronaldo for this and of course more.

IKEA sends this — 3 DIY ideas to try with your family!

So, what are you waiting for?

  • If you are a CA — share a video with some financial tips, throw some jargon, explain it to the layman
  • If you are a Salon — please teach us some DIY haircut techniques
  • If you are a food outlet — Share some secret recipes, did you not see the entire world is a chef now? They will surely remember you for making them able to make good food and don’t worry they will still come back to you
  • If you are a product owner and see a decline in the subscriptions, why don’t you roll out a freemium and get people used to the product — believe me, I have downloaded so many apps and experimented so much!

Just like that, there is so much that every single brand can do to educate, entertain, and make sure the focus of the content is no longer to drive sales but to customer recall and retention.

Don’t forget to use hashtags like — #StayHome #StayProductive #Covid19 #Pandemic #SocialDistancing #Workfromhome

Some people in my network who are using social media to stay relevant and make an impact

1) Nitish Muley, a Pune-based telecom & tech blogger, writes about how can 5G helps to prevent a pandemic like COVID-19. Read here.

2) Benazir Kolhar, a Pune-based home baker, BenzBakes’n’Cakes — is helping people bake at home for any celebrations during the lockdown as no cakes are available and since she can’t accept orders to deliver! Giving tips & tricks to baking if people don’t have an oven & limited ingredients at home!

3) Ink & Drink, they are conducting free art classes and go live every day at 3 pm on Instagram. These are guided sessions where you can learn art forms like pen art, watercolor painting, oil painting, and more. If you are busy at that time and cannot catch their workshop at 3 pm, you can watch the sessions on their IGTV later.

I have so many people on my Instagram handle who take these live art classes, my feed is full of these remarkable paintings.

If you know about any super cool brands/businesses doing some great stuff during the COVID-19, drop their names below!

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